Résumé of PBS Information Day

Managing director Günther Reichling at his opening speech.
Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Detlev Steinbinder.
Rainer Uhle from SAP.
Florian Krause-Wulf from LUNAR.

The old "Archiving Day" and the "CBW Workshop" that followed it for 11 years were this year combined to form a single PBS Information Day with parallel tracks on SAP ERP and Business Warehouse add-on solutions.

The motto of this year's event was PBS nearline storage with big SAP data, even though Professor Dr. Steinbinder stated in his keynote speech that he preferred to talk about "big information" in the context of SAP systems, which also implied the importance of "Information Lifecycle Management", which is why he chose as the title of his presentation PBS add-on solutions – from classic SAP archiving through to Information Lifecycle Management with HANA.

His approach was backed up by SAP colleague Rainer Uhle, who with Dr. Peter Zimmerer then discussed contemporary data aging strategies for SAP BW on HANA and Sybase IQ. In their presentation, they were full of praise for the innovative PBS nearline solutions, which thanks to many years of Sybase IQ use fit very well into SAP's new database strategy, which now includes Sybase IQ. SAP is also well aware of how efficient and cost-effective the use of nearline storage is in conjunction with SAP HANA, as this can significantly reduce the costs for costly main memory. The talk is of a nearline smart store solution here.

It was also pleasing that a couple of satisfied PBS customers had already agreed to report on their experiences of using PBS software. One particularly high-profile presentation was that of the Federal Computer Center of the Austrian Federal Administration, given by Gottfried Hombauer and Clemens Dilmetz, who travelled specially from Vienna. While the Federal Computer Center uses PBS nearline storage solutions in both SAP BW and ERP, Stefanie Strauß spoke about the use of PBS software at tegut in SAP BW. A report from another retailer was presented by Florian Krause-Wulf and Mario Stäter, this time about central merchandise management at EDEKA.

In addition to presentations by large SAP partners, there was a talk by Matthias Stemmler from Sybase, a PBS partner and now also an SAP company. There were also a number of presentations directly from PBS development, focusing for example on the current development status of the NLS solution for SAP BW, the "Multi-Talent" NAI for SAP ERP, which recently won an innovation prize, and the perennial topic of PBS Enterprise Content Store, for easy access to SAP data extracts for example in the case of system shutdowns, which has also been developed further. And to close, there was a presentation on new developments and enhancements such as the new PBS archive add on CEB for seamless access to archived bank statements or a new language transport for easier translation.

You can find more information, and the presentations to download, here.