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Daniela Kobelt Neuhaus, member of the Karl Kübel Foundation's Managing Board, and Günther Reichling, PBS Managing Director.


Project GaBi – Holistic Education in a Social Environment

The Karl Kübel Foundation for Child and Family in Bensheim celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The complex current activities of the foundation include among others the establishment of drop-in centers for mothers and fathers with their babies and toddlers. The project supports the upbringing competence of young parents and promotes child education from the start.

In Bensheim there are currently two parent-child get-togethers (drop-ins). About 40 mothers and fathers with their babies and toddlers meet there every week. They have breakfast, play, learn and sing together. A pedagogical counselor attends the parents, encourages new contacts and answers questions about education. Further experts offer physical and musical activities. A dentist and a speech therapist also support children and their families in their opportunities for a favorable development.

The parents’ achievements are crucial for the well-being of their children and therefore also for the community. With the conflicting social, professional and financial requirements it is often quite hard to have a successful family life. As a result, children may have limited opportunities for development and participation. In Germany, efforts are made to help parents meet their responsibilities under these conditions. However, in many places there are no such offers tailored to the particular needs in the social environment. Local and sustainable solutions that really reach the families are needed. The project “Holistic education in a social environment – GaBi” can help here. The Karl Kübel Foundation has figured out that a monthly amount of 44 Euro or 500 Euro per year for a parent-child pair can save an average of 92,000 Euro follow-up costs, which do not need to be spent later for educational counseling, coaching, speech training, medical and psychological treatments, etc.