Signature-Protected Storage of Archived SAP Documents

Boehringer Ingelheim is researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals worldwide. The company focuses on the business divisions Human Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health.

For its global business connections with numerous subsidiaries, Boehringer Ingelheim needed a standard solution to create a qualified electronic signature for archived SAP documents. The objective was to destroy especially incoming original paper documents as soon as possible and to process only digital documents for an easier handling. Moreover, some of its subsidiaries, as for example in Italy, had further requirements such as the storage of archive documents with a qualified time stamp.

For the implementation of the solution, Boehringer Ingelheim chose the consultancy firm Savento. In the 4th quarter of 2011, the latter was charged with the implementation of the requirements into a technical solution until the due date January 1, 2012. Savento accomplished the conception and implementation of the solution in close collaboration with its long-standing partner PBS Software GmbH. The resulting signature solution with its connection to an existing web service interface of the certification body was subsequently integrated in the PBS ContentLink standard, a lean connection between SAP and storage systems for data storage.


Based on a Content Repository, the signature and/or the time stamp service can now be activated for both incoming and outgoing archive documents. Signature files, signature and time stamp are archived as additional components together with the archive document in a Centera storage system.

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