New PBS CPOS White Paper

The PBS CPOS solution addresses the requirements of the retail industry, which on the one hand has to store cash register receipts digitally and provide them upon request. On the other hand, the analysis of the point of sale (POS) data opens of course access to important information, which the retail industry needs in order to remain cost-efficient and competitive.

Based on the requirements of our customer REWE, PBS has developed CPOS on the basis of its column-based nearline storage solution for SAP ERP, the Nearline Analytic Infrastucture (NAI). NAI was awarded the IT Innovation Prize in 2012 and is so far unique as nearline solution specifically for SAP ERP.

On the PBS Info Day on June 18, Carsten Callies from the REWE Group will speak about the requirements for a solution to store and analyze cash register receipts as well as the experiences that REWE has made so far with CPOS.

The Initiative Mittelstand has added the industry solution PBS CPOS in its Best-OF-List 2013.

The POS data is stored in original format and in a compliant way via PBS CPOS in the Fixed Content Storage used. In contrast, the amount of data that should be analyzed is moved to the column-oriented nearline database. It is not necessary to store the data in the SAP system. Of course, the connection of the analytical data in the nearline storage with the original data in the storage system is ensured. For further information, please check our website.

Our current White Paper provides a function overview, which can be downloaded for free.