Better Data Extraction Using the PBS CONEX Flex Suite

PBS has extended their extraction functionality of SAP data by an extraction suite that is based on SAP ADK objects. A growing number of SAP customers wish to extract data from their SAP systems that goes well beyond the legal requirements. In addition to the demand to have access to all fields of a data structure, the extraction of business subtransactions that are not always in the focus of the day-to-day activities play also a role.

You can simply select tables and fields that should be taken into account for an extraction via drag and drop using PBS CONEX Flex. A great deal of attention was given to select all tables of a business process. Basis for this are ideally the object tables of the respective SAP archiving object.

Apart from the classical extraction target that is the file output in SAP AIS format (Audit Information System), data of an extraction run can also be defined in an SAP standard table for a further data processing in local PC applications, or on the other hand the data can be defined in the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI) for an extremely fast data access. Data basis for the extraction is always the business process data from database and archive.

The PBS CONEX Flex Suite currently supports 5 SAP solutions:

  • SAP ERP Core with more than 50 extraction objects
  • SAP Real Estate Management (SAP RE) with 10 extraction objects
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (SAP RE-FX) with more than 10 extraction objects
  • SAP IS-U/CCS with 50 extraction objects
  • SAP FICA Contract Account with 34 extraction objects

The PBS Conex Flex Suite is a separate solution and is available from SAP 4.7. You can use the PBS Conex Flex Suite independently of other PBS archive add onsĀ®.