Targeted Selection when extracting technical Objects with CONEX Flex

Process data that occurs during daily business within SAP landscapes is seldom used for the purpose of ad hoc evaluations. However, application logs, customizing changes, and intermediate documents must be retained within the scope of legal requirements for internal and external system audits. Regular archiving of the objects IDOC, BC_DBLOG, BC_SBAL and WORKITEM is on the daily agenda of many companies for this reason.

Generally, in the case of audits, a single access to data is demanded. However, in extreme cases the data must also be able to be exported in a readable format. Previously, data access was only possible in individual cases via archive data indexing in the SAP archive information system but this necessitated the reloading of large quantities of data into the SAP AS index structures. It was not possible to perform a selection according to business-related criteria.

With the extraction tool CONEX Flex that we already introduced in the last newsletter, it is possible to customize the SARI index construction according to business or technical characteristics of the archiving object. This has the advantage that the data no longer needs to be reloaded ‘en bloc’, and instead a targeted selection of the really relevant information is enabled. After such a targeted SAP AS construction, the technical objects can then be accessed via the usual SAP transactions:

IDOC (Intermediate Document)                    -> Transactions WE09/WE10

BC_DBLOGS (Customizing changes)            ->  Transaction SCU3

BC_SBAL (Application Log)                          -> Transaction SLG1

WORKITEM (Workflow)                               ->  Transaction SWW_ARCHIV

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