New Nearline Solution CBW NLS

As a well-versed expert in nearline storage solutions in the SAP environment and pioneer in the use of column-based database technology, PBS now provides the new nearline solution CBW NLS. CBW NLS is an enhancement to SAP’s own nearline solution for SAP NetWeaver BW that includes the column-related Sybase IQ server. The PBS solution extends the new SAP nearline solution to include numerous functions that have already proven themselves in previous productive customer installations. This includes, for example, options to significantly reduce query runtimes, an elaborate nearline monitoring function that increases efficiency, the support of data extractions within the scope of audits, as well as the archiving of PSA data. The complete ADK-based functionality (from CBW NLS ADK) that can be used to realize nearline archiving without a nearline database is also included. The previous, pure ADK-based solution, CBW NLS ADK, is completely included in the new solution. This means that customers that already have a CBW NLS ADK license receive the new IQ-based additional functions at no extra cost within the scope of a software update.

Many customers have used the PBS nearline solutions successfully for several years. In 2007, a column-based analytical database was deployed for the first time in SAP environments in the form of the CBW NLS IQ solution. Decisive advantages such as a high degree of data compression and fast analyses of the nearline data result in a significant reduction in costs, while at the same time improving performance in comparison to installations with traditional databases.

The PBS solution CBW NLS IQ that has proven itself on the market is also still available. It includes a Sybase IQ OEM database license with a database interface developed by PBS. Important functions of this tried and tested solution are now also provided in the new CBW NLS solution. In this case, the Sybase IQ license including database connection has to be acquired directly via SAP.

The decision by SAP to now offer a separate nearline solution on the analytics server Sybase, in addition to providing a respective interface, reflects the imperatively economic role that nearline storage plays specifically when using HANA with regards to reducing costs. Up until now, PBS is the only SAP partner who enriches this with a supplementary solution. Furthermore, PBS also continues to offer its proven CBW NLS IQ solution as a complete package that – as mentioned above – has already been in use by numerous customers for many years. Excellent results, particularly with regard to response time speed, are also achieved when using the Vectorwise database by Actian with whom PBS has entered a long-term business relationship. The notably attractive cost-benefit ratio of the Vectorwise/PBS NLS solution makes it particularly interesting for small and medium-sized businesses.

PBS Software furthermore recognized early on that it also makes sense to use nearline storage in the SAP ERP environment. Its Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) with Sybase IQ meanwhile accelerates the indexing and access times of almost all PBS archive add ons. The industry solution resulting from NAI for retail, CPOS, even integrates non-SAP data directly in the SAP ERP system to enable compliant storage of data and fast analyses.