Nearline Storage Success Story in Energy Supply

A success story concerning the use of the PBS nearline storage solution CBW NLS IQ at a utilities company was presented during our last Information Day. The North German energy company ensures the electricity, gas, drinking water, and heating supplies in the region. Furthermore it provides numerous technical services and ensures the recovery of energy from waste.

The energy supplier uses SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse as a central reporting system for the areas of Financials/Controlling, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, and Claims Management. The objectives for using nearline storage in SAP BW were to contain the SAP BWA license costs that were getting out of hand as a result of the increasing data volume, as well as to improve the reduced system performance. The administration effort also needed to be reduced.

Implementation of the Project

As preparation for the project, the company performed an ILM Quick Check to analyze the system. Use of the PBS BW Database Analyzer was very helpful when doing this in order to identify the InfoProviders that – due to their size – most urgently needed to be transferred into the NLS memory. Furthermore, the number of users in the productive SAP BW system was revised, Enhancement Package 1 was installed, and a sandbox system was set up. The data to be archived was also defined in discussions with those responsible for the SAP BW system as well as with key and power users from the companies and specialist departments.

In the end, the goal was reached as a result of adopting an iterative approach with regards to design and implementation. Finally, data volume was reduced by 2.6 terabytes, and 92 per cent compression was achieved. According to the operator of the system, the performance of the nearline solution is substantially closer to an SAP BW accelerator than to a BW system. The administration effort has been reduced considerably. In addition to the fulfilled objectives, the energy supplier is happy about the reasonable price of the solution that could be completely amortized within a very short period.

For more details refer to the complete presentation.