Follow-up BI2014, Orlando

We were guests once again this year at the BI conference in Orlando and could be found at the booths of our partners Dolphin and Sigma. In addition to interesting presentations and further education as regards trends and innovation, we see our participation as a means to maintain partnerships. The projects of our sales and consulting partners are always of great interest when doing this because for a company like us that mainly develops software it is, of course, exciting to see who uses the software we are developing and how. For this reason we were particularly happy to hear live the success story from Southern California Edison, that covered among other things the use of SAP NetWeaver BW HANA in combination with the PBS nearline storage solution CBW NLS IQ. Ronald Grabyan and Ajay Pathak from Southern California Edison gave the presentation and drew a very positive balance. By using the PBS nearline solution they were able to make one-off savings of 25% in memory capacity and reduced the annual growth of the HANA database by 22%. At the same time, they reduced the costs for SAN and SAP licenses as well as for the hardware required by HANA. Additionally, the annual growth of the BW database was reduced from the previous rate of 34% to 12% and the TCO was thereby improved considerably. The presenters praised the seamless PBS queries that are completely understandable for the user, and also the fast queries in the case of NLS data retrieval. When doing this, NLS acts both as a real time data retrieval function as well as an archive system.

In his presentation, Dr. Werner Hopf, CEO of Dolphin, shared further experiences and results of other non-identified companies that are successfully using PBS software.

Source: Southern California Edison
graphic sap bw on hana with pbs nls