Relaunch of PBS Website

“Everything is new in May” is how an old German folk song begins. In this respect we are a bit early with the relaunch of our website, even if later than planned and already announced. But now it is ready and we hope that you like the fresh layout and the improved navigation.

Improved Usability

The number of products we have has increased rapidly over the last years, making presentation of and navigation to their information more and more difficult. You can now reach each solution and each tool with just one click via the new ‘mega drop down box’ under ‘Products’.
It was already possible in the past to see all information on a product such as documents, news, and availability in one place. However, this option was perhaps not easy to find, so we have now positioned it centrally and hopefully made it easier for you to access the information you are looking for.
We also took the opportunity to modernize the login. It is now also possible to use a password instead of an access code. If you have already been accessing the website in the past using an access code, you can enter this as the password and then change it.

Please note that although you can read our new website easily on the iPad, it has not yet been not designed for mobile devices due to its complexity and the many PDF documents that can be downloaded.

Reduced to the essentials

It is with this aim in mind that we have limited the main menu to our three main areas: Products, Support, and Media. Of course you can still find information about us as a company, about our product licensing, and also about our sales and consultancy partners.

Visible customer orientation

We are there for you. And this is regardless of whether you would like to ask questions about our products, test our software, or anything else that we can help you with. We would like you to know this on any page that you visit, show you where you can get more information, and who can help you in each case. You can always find orientation support in the blue boxes displayed on the right hand side for this purpose.


If you have problems displaying our website, please first check whether your browser version is up-to-date. This is also important for your own security in the internet in order to protect yourself as much as possible from virus or hacker attacks. Apart from that, we look forward to hearing your feedback, be it regarding problems, criticism, ideas, or praise. Please use our message form for this. Enjoy our new website!