Dolphin's ADay and SAP TechEd && d-code

The Archiving Day, a joint event held by Dolphin and PBS Software, has already become something of a tradition in the run-up to SAP TechEd. This year, Gernot Reichling, son of PBS founder G√ľnther Reichling, travelled to the event from Germany to maintain transatlantic partner relationships and keep up-to-date with all the latest developments at SAP TechEd.

The Archiving Day also featured appearances by Dr. Klaus Zimmer, who informed participants about the PBS news and roadmap in his role as PBS alliance director, and Elke Hartmann-Bakan from IBM, who gave a presentation on the ideal connection between IBM DB2 BLU and the nearline storage solutions of PBS. Thanks to the intensified partnership between PBS and IBM, customers can now also use DB2 BLU (besides SAP IQ or Actian Vector) as a nearline database. Dr. Zimmer and Ms Hartmann-Bakan also reported on the benefits of this new alliance in a joint presentation held at SAP TechEd. The DB2 BLU database, which is widely used by SAP customers, offers all the benefits of modern columnar technology in PBS nearline solutions for ERP and BW, such as accelerated management and extremely fast analyses of large volumes of data without the need to convert the system. Many customers introduced and discussed the advantages of archiving for managing big data cost-effectively and meeting compliance requirements. The speakers demonstrated these benefits clearly using best practice examples and success stories. Participants then took full advantage of the opportunity to ask questions during the Round Table that was presented by Karin Tillotsen, ASUG volunteer for the Archiving and ILM Special Interest Group.

At SAP TechEd, the PBS team also had the opportunity to exchange news with Sigma, the longest-standing PBS partner in the US as well as with satisfied and loyal customers and new promising prospects.

Gernot Reichling on the left at Sigma's booth at this year's SAP TechEd.
Sigma at SAP TechEd 2014
At Dolphin's Archiving Day 2014.
Dolphin's Aday 2014
Elke Hartmann-Bakan (on the right).
Partner at Dolphin's Aday