How the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure works

Enjoy all the benefits of in-memory technology in the ERP system when managing and analyzing large volumes of data without the need for complex system changes? Is that really possible?
You can use the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure to enhance operative SAP systems like ERP, CRM, or industry solutions etc. to include the use of column-oriented database technology such as Vector by Actian, DB2 BLU by IBM, as well as SAP IQ or HANA, for the processing of application data. This enables an extremely high degree of data compression of up to 90% and more, as well as significantly faster response times when executing database queries on mass data.
Take a few minutes to see how you can initiate huge improvements with simple means, either completely without or in preparation of using SAP HANA using state-of-the-art column-oriented database technology by Actian, IBM or SAP.