PBS add-on for SAP’s nearline storage solution

The PBS CBW NLS add-on for SAP NLS supplements and enriches SAP’s nearline storage product (SAP NLS) with numerous CBW functions that have proven themselves in practice. These include, for instance, the Snapshot functions for master data, hierarchies, InfoCubes and DSO tables. They allow efficient and high-performance access to nearline storage data. You can also use PBS CBW NLS to archive PSA data in the nearline storage solution. Monitoring tools for SAP IQ such as the NLS Monitor or the Watchdog as well as the data aging concept (see below) for NLS data round off the CBW NLS add-on and create considerable added value in your day-to-day work with SAP NLS running on HANA.

The following PBS solutions are available for SAP BW:


  • ACTIAN VECTOR (with or without nearline database)
  • DB2 BLU (with or without nearline database)
  • SAP IQ (with or without nearline database)
  • SAP NLS (add-on without nearline database)

In contrast to the other solutions, the pure CBW NLS add-on does not contain a nearline database or database interface. Both of these are provided by SAP for this version. It is a pure ABAP software solution that complements the nearline storage solution of SAP perfectly.

New PBS features for SAP BW

Multi-level data aging concept

Using the PBS nearline storage solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, which has been live since 2008, PBS customers store their BW data on a nearline database. By default, the data is deleted there after a significant period of time. However, not all customers want their data to be deleted. PBS therefore provides an option to transfer the data from the nearline database to an ADK-based archive. If the data is needed again for analyses, it can be loaded from the archive back into the database.

Multi-level data aging concept

Copy function for data archiving processes

During the implementation of data archiving projects, situations often arise where the data from one analysis object is spread among several InfoProviders that have the same structure. If a data archiving process is the prerequisite for transferring data from the primary database to the nearline database or is an archive, a data archiving process (DAP) must be created for every single InfoProvider. This leads to a great deal of manual maintenance for the DAPs including the associated process chains. With the new PBS automation tool for DAPs and process chains, this process can now be automated and therefore greatly simplified. Using the tool, you can copy one data archiving process together with all the associated process chains to other InfoProviders with a similar structure and therefore run mass maintenance for distributing changes. The function is available in all CBW versions from BW Release 7.0 or higher.