PBS ContentLink now also with GRAU DATA

PBS ContentLink, the lean and flexible interface for storing SAP data on leading storage systems now also supports the WORM storage software called FileLock from GRAU DATA.
FileLock enables simple and audit-compliant archiving of structured (table data) and unstructured (documents, printouts) company data in accordance with the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents (GDPdU) and the principles of computerized accounting systems (GoBS) or GoBD (as of 2015 called principles of proper keeping and storage of books, records and documentation in electronic form as well as data access). FileLock is often used for migrating data from technically outdated archive systems, for example. Using FileLock reduces your storage management costs, because FileLock uses the existing IT infrastructure, such as SAN disk storage systems of leading manufacturers. The archive data on the storage system is protected against overwriting by GRAU FileLock and therefore fulfils the requirements for audit-compliant storage. Users continue to access the archived SAP data directly as normal using the PBS ContentLink.


  • WORM on disk
  • SnapLock interface
  • Standard file system
  • Free selection of any disk storage system
  • Integration into the existing infrastructure
  • Audit-compliant (GDPdU/GoBS)
  • Open interface for Windows (CIFS, NFS)
  • Application-independent
  • VMWare “ready”
  • Cluster capability
  • Incl. compliant replication software
PBS ContentLink is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to storing unstructured data and it works with all standard storage systems.
PBS ContentLink with modern storage systems