Accessing data with PBS applications

In today’s highly competitive business environment, fast and flexible analyses of current and historical data are increasingly important in operative departments or in strategic management. More flexible and faster analysis options offer even deeper insights into a company’s status and provide valuable information to a wide range of areas such as security or compliance.

Analyses that were carried out mainly in business intelligence applications until now are increasingly being carried out directly in the ERP system as well. To meet these latest requirements, you need suitable technology such as column-oriented databases and suitably adapted analytical tools.

Using PBS solutions, you can accelerate data access considerably and implement current reporting requirements more easily, thanks to the innovative analytical database technology of leading manufacturers such as Actian, IBM or SAP. This can also be done in SAP applications with traditional database technology. You do not necessarily have to switch your ERP system to a new database platform and yet you are ideally equipped for any future HANA implementations.

Our Facts 4 shows you how to optimize and speed up data analyses in your operative and analytical SAP systems as cost-effectively as possible. It also shows you how to prepare for tax audits and meet compliance and security requirements.