PBS Nearline Storage now also with DB2 BLU

PBS Software already announced at the end of May on the occasion of their 14th Information Day in succession that they were strengthening their technology partnership with IBM. With immediate effect, the PBS nearline solutions for SAP BW and ERP that have been tried and tested for more than seven years can be implemented with IBM’s DB2 BLU. This enables further optimization potential to be leveraged when using operational and analytical SAP applications. In addition to a reduction in operating costs, significant improvements can also be achieved in operational and analytical reporting.

IBM’s DB2 BLU is characterized by its column-oriented in-memory processing with dynamic transfer to storage of data that is not being used. The unique data compression with retention of the sort sequence enables the data to be used without the need for decompression. Furthermore, it has a multi-core and SIMD parallel processing and data skipping, meaning that irrelevant data is skipped during processing. In this way, it perfectly complements the nearline storage solutions of PBS Software that ensure fast reporting, faster archive data processing, and the integration of external data in SAP ERP systems. In SAP BW systems, it provides sophisticated monitoring of the NLS server and the NLS data via the SAP frontend, with snapshot technology for optimum query performance on extremely large data volumes, flexible data management for implementing data aging strategies, the archiving of PSA data, legally compliant data extraction according to GDPdU (German principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents), and the automatic generation of DAPs and process chains. This is how PBS solutions with DB2 BLU also provide all the advantages of the new column-oriented analytics world to customers using traditional database technology.

“PBS looks forward to making the advantages of the DB2 BLU database usable to SAP customers through the PBS applications for SAP ERP and BW”, explains Prof. Dr. Detlev Steinbinder, member of management at PBS.

The two companies have already been cooperating together for several years through their partnership concerning PBS ContentLink that ensures compliant data storage through its direct connection between SAP systems and the fixed content storage platform IBM DR550. The PBS solutions are now available on DB2 BLU in the nearline analytics area.