All-in-one Strategy of EnBW ODR AG

Company: EnBW ODR AG supplies a regional market with comprehensive services in the areas of electricity, gas, energy, and network-related services. In this context, the provision of electricity and gas constitutes the core business.

EnBW ODR used PBS ContentLink and three different storage systems for data storage. This is why they decided to migrate to a unified platform, the IBM San Volume Controller. This platform, however, does not have a SnapLock function for protecting the retention values of data that has already been archived. This can be mitigated using GRAU DATA’s FileLock that is also compatible with PBS ContentLink.

EnBW brought on board ComSol AG, their consultancy partner in the archiving environment, for the migration project. As the combination of PBS ContentLink and GRAU DATA’s FileLock was something completed unprecedented, the responsible PBS ContentLink developer was also asked to provide short-term support. The team of three managed in four days the migration of 300 gigabytes and 35,000 files with a runtime of about 2-3 hours without any problems.

PBS ContentLink with Filelock from GRAU DATA

At EnBW, the consolidation of once three storage systems to now just one is seen as an advantage, as well as the implementation of an all-in-one computing, storage, and compliance strategy.

"Archiving under Filelock from GRAU DATA and PBS ContentLink is running smoothly. We are very happy with this combination", states Franz Weber, project manager at EnBW ODR AG

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