PBS Archive Data Conversion

These days, companies must be able to adapt themselves flexibly to new legal regulations, also with regards to archived, personal SAP data. Aspects such as industry-specific codes of conduct or data privacy also play a role, such as protection against the misuse of stored banking and insurance information. As a result, sensitive data must be encrypted and may only be accessible to an authorized group of persons. However, organizational changes such as the merger of business units or carve out can also make an adaption of archived data necessary.

Storage systems actually ensure the immutability of archived objects such as documents, print lists, DART files and so on. In the case of workflow processes or targeted storage requests they protect all relevant information from being destroyed intentionally or unintentionally. Retention periods can be defined for individual object types within the scope of retention management. Solutions such as SAP Information Retention Manager (SAP IRM) or PBS Content Link that use both the ArchiveLink as well as the WebDav interface for data storage are available for this purpose.

Liability and warranty claims can necessitate a considerably longer retention period (up to 30 years) than the statutory period of 10 years. However, this usually does not concern all data but instead simply individual data objects and/or data types.

Change archive data professionally

Necessary adaptions such as encryption, masking, and data conversion generally involve many archiving objects. In SAP ERP there are more than 350 of them. For this reason PBS decided upon a generic archive data conversion.

The various conversion tasks can be configured centrally and validated by the specialist departments via an approval process. The documentation of the changes that have been made is performed directly in the corresponding archive file so that the adaption of the archive data remains transparent even in the case of porting into another system landscape.

If compliance requirements change for business data that is protected from alterations, the conversion process is done by updating into a new archive file. Old archive data that is no longer required is deleted logically in the SAP standard.

PBS Archive Data Conversion will be available in the second quarter of 2015. We would be happy to provide you with information on request.

Structure of PBS Archive Data Conversion
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