Check Nearline Access and Time Attributes with Query Tools

PBS nearline solutions use state of the art column-oriented database systems of leading manufacturers. This enables you to evaluate queries many times faster than in SAP BW installations with traditional database technology. PBS provides useful tools to optimize the BW queries with access to nearline data that considerably simplify daily work for administrators.

The nearline switch is activated so that BW queries also read nearline data. This is either done per query or at the level of the InfoProviders. Incorrect settings can lead to unnecessarily long runtimes or even incorrect results. The PBS tool 'Nearline Access Query Analysis' checks the respective nearline settings and makes you aware of inconsistencies in Customizing (transaction /PBS/NLSA_ANA_NL).

On the other hand, the tool 'Query analysis time characteristics' determines queries with time characteristics. This is because it has been proven that restrictions in the time characteristics, such as to a particular business year, increase the query performance (transaction /PBS/NLSA_ANA_TIM).

Both tools can be found in the CBW Administration Cockpit under 'Object-independent tools'. They are part of the CBW toolset.

In the standard, nearline access is deactivated in this case.
Screen InfoProvider: Edit Properties
It is defined in the query properties whether data should be read from nearline storage. Alternatively, the option “Nearline Storage According to Provider Setting” can be selected.
BeX Query Designer
Query selection by predefined InfoProvider. Optionally, additional MultiProviders are determined.
Query Analysis Nearline Access
A number of queries do not access nearline data (red) whereas for one query both the nearline switch is set and a VirtualProvider is also involved (green) which results in a warning. Either the nearline access has to be switched off in the query definition or the VirtualProvider VCCA_C11N deleted from the MultiProvider MCCA_C11N.
Result of Check