Archiving in Storage or Cloud

The huge cloud hype has also not passed by PBS without making its mark. The removal of archived data into the cloud using PBS ContentLink with one of the established vendors such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft makes sense. Instead of transferring SAP data into conventional storage systems of established vendors using the archive server PBS ContentLink as in the past, this also works in the cloud. The cloud variant has numerous advantages: it is flexible and can be scaled to fulfill increasing or unforeseeable requirements. Furthermore, the solution is suitable for straightforward long-term archiving because the archived data can be stored as long as it is necessary without additional effort for possible migrations of the storage systems that might be required. Last but not least, storage in the cloud is also inexpensive, as Torben Griebe illustrated using an Amazon Cloud example. In this case, the costs for operating an EC2 instance, an S3 storage of one terabyte and a monthly transfer volume of 100 GB costs in total $630 per year. Investment costs are exchanged for operating costs. You can test a cloud scenario with PBS ContentLink free-of-charge!