Well-approved Business Warehouse

Up until now, nearline storage solutions have been used more often in SAP NetWeaver BW systems than in ERP. The wealth of experience that is reflected in one new, user-friendly tool after another and new features such as the Data Aging Process is correspondingly large. SAP BW is alive and is in the best of health, despite the fact that in times of HANA it is often said that it will become superfluous. Stefan Weickum presented the PBS Best Practices. He showed the complete spectrum of PBS nearline solutions for BW, including the new add-ons for SAP NLS, that support several analytical databases. The PBS-own snaphots in particular ensure a performance advantage that was illustrated impressively using an example query that took 19 minutes in the SAP standard and only 12 seconds using the PBS snapshot.

Following this, Stefan Hummel from IBM Deutschland GmbH, described the benefits of DB2 BLU as the nearline database of the PBS solution and how this enables the operation of existing SAP landscapes to be further optimized while at the same time reducing costs.