New NLS Solution for SAP BW under SAP IQ

PBS has developed a new nearline solution, CBW add on NLS IQ, running on the analytical database SAP IQ. It extends all previous solutions that use SAP IQ as the nearline database and exhibits a great degree of compatibility with SAP’s own nearline solution that was tailored especially to meet the requirements of SAP HANA customers. The add on can run on numerous classic BW platforms and also seamlessly on BW on HANA.

The extensive compatibility with the SAP solution supports optimally the migration from a classic BW platform to BW on HANA. This is also the case for non-Unicode systems or older BW release levels with traditional databases for which no or just a limited SAP nearline solution is available. Nearline archiving results in a drastic streamlining of the databases and in this way simplifies considerably the migration of the primary database. An important aspect when doing this is that the primary or the nearline database does not first need to be converted to Unicode. After the migration to BW on HANA the nearline data is either available directly via the standard SAP NLS or via the numerous PBS additional functions for analyses, and data updates etc. When moving to SAP HANA, the nearline data does not have to be migrated. This reduces considerably the costs of the migration. Later on when working with HANA the data can be moved from the in-memory database into nearline storage, which in turn lowers the license costs.

Depending on requirements, the new PBS solution uses the database interface developed by PBS and already tried and tested in many customer installations, or SAP’s own database interface for processing the nearline data in SAP IQ. With the combination of SAP and PBS functionality, the current maximum functional scope is available to SAP customers for nearline processes running on SAP IQ. The CBW add on replaces the earlier PBS solutions CBW NLS IQ and the CBW add on for SAP NLS.

new CBW solution in SAP format