PBS archive add ons also SAP HANA compatible

From ECC 6.17, Release 7.40, SAP customers can choose to run their ERP system on the SAP in-memory platform HANA. A consistent Information Lifecycle Management approach is also and particularly recommended in this case in order to keep the main memory as small as possible and keep the costs down.

Data archiving plays a significant role when doing this. PBS archive add ons that were already certified for use on HANA for SAP NetWeaver at the beginning of 2015 guarantee comprehensive access to archived and resident data, also on SAP HANA.

New final releases are available to all PBS archive add on users from the 3rd quarter of 2015. The HANA-specific SAP transaction optimizations were also adapted for the PBS archive add ons, e.g. the line item display, the line items of the general ledgers, and others. Index generation after data archiving is accelerated considerably with the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) thanks to the integrated column-oriented database technology such as that of SAP IQ, Actian Vector or DB2 BLU. This is because the indices are sorted implicitly by the NAI database and no longer have to be mixed. In addition, it is possible to distribute the index generation into several batch processes in parallel. In some PBS modules such as CFI or CCOPA, the NAI indices already contain all data that is required for analyses. This means that no document data has to be reread from the ADK files. Non-SAP data, such as Point-of-Sale data, can also be integrated in the NAI database and can be analyzed directly in the ERP system in this way.

Snapshots of database tables can also be stored in the NAI database in addition to indices and external data. Database data is replicated into the NAI database for this. PBS provides the Data Replication Services in order to replicate the database data. Their delta method enables automated data replication.