Taming the Data Demon

Our current folder clearly illustrates how PBS solutions can be used to tame the data daemon. The PBS archive add ons that have already proven themselves for 25 years are presented. They can be used to seamlessly access archived SAP data even after archiving has taken place. Their continuous further development now also guarantees use on SAP HANA for which the add ons have been especially adapted and meanwhile also certified.
In the case of extremely large volumes of data, PBS recommends that Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) is also used in addition to the add ons. NAI simplifies considerably the management of Big Data, enables high compression of the data, and massively accelerates data access.
PBS also provides particularly sophisticated nearline storage solutions for the SAP Business Warehouse that are integrated to the greatest possible extent and are an ideal, practice-oriented enhancement to SAP’s own NLS solution. In the same way as in ERP, databases of different vendors can be used as nearline storage when doing this.
PBS ContentLink ensures straightforward data storage. It creates a smooth connection between SAP systems and storage solutions of all conventional manufacturers (IBM, SAP and Actian) and also functions as a cloud solution.

You can find out more on this in the current folder that you can download free-of-charge or request from us in print format.