Donation instead of Christmas cards

This year, PBS managing director, Günther Reichling, is donating €1,000 to the Ulrich Wickert Foundation. Daniela Kobelt Neuhaus, member of the managing board of the Karl Kübel Foundation, received the check on behalf of the Karl Kübel award winner Ulrich Wickert and passed it on. “Together with Ulrich Wickert we are delighted to receive this generous donation. It shows us that the award winner is also recognized by the general public as a dedicated philanthropist”, says Kobelt Neuhaus. The Ulrich Wickert Foundation campaigns for the rights of children and adolescents.

Ulrich Wickert was awarded the Karl Kübel Prize 2015 on September 4 in Bensheim. The €25,000 award acknowledges his engagement for children’s rights. The new Karl Kübel Foundation media prize was awarded for the first time to two winners.  

The Karl Kübel Prize was awarded 15 times to exemplary initiatives in the area of “Early Childhood”. Now, for the first time, the foundation has acknowledged a famous celebrity for their outstanding commitment to children and families. In his speech, Ulrich Wickert said: “The strong must help the weak. And children are the weakest of all. Furthermore, we should make ourselves a rule: Give every child a voice. Children have rights too and should be allowed to demand them.” Ulrich Wickert stressed that the prize money would flow into the Ulrich Wickert Foundation. The foundation, under the auspices of the foundation “Help with a Plan”, awards the Journalist Prize for Children’s Rights each year. Prizes are awarded to contributions that draw attention to the situation of children in developing countries as well as specifically to the situation of girls. “Ulrich Wickert shows that a lot can be done for children and their families in society. This is exactly what the Karl Kübel Foundation stands for. The Karl Kübel Prize 2015 acknowledges the many years’ experience and commitment of the award winner”, explained Matthias Wilkes, chairperson of the Karl Kübel Foundation.