New PBS Product: Conex HR

The new PBS solution Conex HR enables you to perform an extraction of HR travel data and time evaluation results from the SAP HR system in a readable AIS data format.

You can select via the user interface whether you would like to select and extract resident database data, archive data, or both.

The evaluation of the archive data is done via the tables stored in both the archiving objects PA_TRAVEL and PA_TIME.

In the case of the HR travel data, these are the tables PCL1 (cluster table), PTRV_HEAD (general trip data), and PTRV_PERIO (period data of a trip).

In the case of evaluations of HR time evaluation results, this involves the cluster table PCL2.

In addition to the extraction of the transaction data of both extraction objects, you can also extract the respective customizing data.

Further Processing

The extracted data can, for example, be forwarded to the tax office and read using the tax audit software IDEA. In this way, Conex HR fulfills all requirements of Z3 access according to German legal accounting standards (GoBD).

You can also use the PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS) for further processing of the extracted data. ECS enables a comfortable analysis of structured and unstructured data outside of the SAP system and is used, for example, in the case of system decommissioning.

Extract with Conex HR travel and time evaluation data
Data Selection with PBS Conex HR
Selection of Customizing Tables (HR travel data)
PBS Conex HR Customizing