PBS CBW Toolset: Create and Copy Data Archiving Processes and Process Chains

With the CBW toolset, PBS provides a suite of useful tools that support you during administrative activities in the area of data archiving in BW. Transactions /PBS/DAP01 and /PBS/PC01 have both been available for some time already to facilitate the copying of data archiving processes (DAP) and process chains.

Copy Data Archiving Processes

The creation and maintenance of data archiving processes must be performed individually for each InfoProvider in SAP BW. However, for many customers there are areas in which numerous InfoProviders are available with identical or similar structures. In these cases the DAP must then generally also be created identically. The DAP copy tool does a valuable job here. After you have created the reference DAP, you can use it as a copy template for all further data archiving processes. The tool checks for which InfoProviders the selected template can be used. Afterwards you can then either copy the DAP or even compare existing data archiving processes with the template, meaning copy changes to the template to the DAP definition of the target InfoProviders.

Copy Process Chains

Because data archiving generally takes place periodically, it makes sense to create a process chain for the execution. Like data archiving processes, process chains are also created for each InfoProvider individually in the Data Warehousing Workbench. And as with the data archiving processes, it can be the case that many of the same process chains are required. In this case, the process chain copy tool can provide further support. In the same way as with the DAP copy tool, you create manually a process chain and then use it as a copy template for further process chains.

Automated Creation of Process Chains

The third tool in the suite is the new transaction /PBS/PC02 that you can use to perform creation of interval process chains in an automated manner. Automated in this case means that you simply have to define the conditions for the start variant and for a process variant. The subsequent process variants are created automatically and linked together to make a process chain depending on the relative time restriction. This means that you do not have to create what can be in some situations numerous individual process steps and manually link them together.

You can find the three transactions described in the CBW Administration Cockpit in the area “Object-independent Tools”.

Transaction /PBS/PC02: This transaction supports you when creating process chains. The process chains are assigned to an application component. A relative time restriction has to be entered for the individual process steps.
Transaction /PBS/PC02: Result of the automated process chain creation. Depending on the relative time restriction, five process steps were created and linked together.


PBS CBW NLS: BW 7.0, BW 7.3, BW 7.3 HANA, BW 7.4, BW 7.5
PBS CBW für SAP NLS: BW 7.0, BW 7.3, BW 7.3 HANA, BW 7.4, BW 7.5