Technology Partnership strengthened – PBS supports Archiving Platform EMC InfoArchive

PBS has been offering a suite of products to support the decommissioning of SAP application systems for some time now. These include various tools for the extraction of data from SAP ERP systems as well as PBS Enterprise Content Store for the independent display and evaluation of this data.

Building on the many years’ experience gained during the development and use of these tools, PBS now presents with the PBS SAP Connector for EMC InfoArchive an additional important tool for handling SAP system decommissionings and enterprise restructurings.

EMC InfoArchive is an archiving platform for heterogeneous system landscapes and most varied applications. It enables the XML-based storage and long-term retention of large quantities of structured and unstructured data and also includes a web-based interface for searching for and displaying the stored data.

Display of a Material Document with the original SAP Transaction and with EMC InfoArchive
Display of an SD Order with the original SAP Transaction and with EMC InfoArchive
Search Functionality for Invoices in EMC InfoArchive
Display of retrieved Invoices in EMC InfoArchive

Data Extraction with PBS SAP Connector for EMC InfoArchive

The PBS SAP Connector for EMC InfoArchive extracts transaction, master, and customizing data as well as data from customer-specific tables both from the database as well as from SAP archive files and provides it in files that can be processed directly by EMC InfoArchive. This means that the files are read and indexed by EMC InfoArchive. So-called extraction objects are used for the data extraction. Usually, these have a relationship to an SAP archiving object. In this way, it is ensured that data that belongs together from a business perspective is extracted completely and in a rule-based manner. Currently, almost 70 different extraction objects are supported. The extracted data is fully verified and the complete extraction operation is logged in addition.

PBS SAP Connector for InfoArchive – Extraction Objects for the FI area
PBS SAP Connector for InfoArchive – Overview on all Extraction Objects

Technology Partnership with EMC²

With the PBS SAP Connector for the archive system EMC InfoArchive 4.0 that was announced at the beginning of May 2016 by EMC², PBS strengthens its existing technology partnership with EMC² specifically in the area of SAP system decommissionings.

We would be glad to provide you more detailed information on the PBS SAP Connector for EMC InfoArchive on request.

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From SAP rel. 4.6C, from Q1/2016