Registration for the PBS Information Day now open

A big event is on the horizon: The PBS anniversary event is taking place on July 1, 2016 in Bensheim! Register straight away on our website so that you do not miss this event. Click here for more information and the agenda.

This will be a very special PBS event: Firstly, it will be taking place this year in Bensheim, where the company has been based for more than 20 years. Secondly, to mark the occasion, PBS is inviting their guests to an evening event in Restaurant Mühlstein.

This year’s topics include the shift towards analytical Information Lifecycle Management, the migration of archived data in the SAP HANA platform as well as in the new Business Suite S/4HANA, and the incorporation of archived data in the complex and fast evaluation of mass data. Since the analytical and transactional worlds have been growing ever-closer together since the introduction of In-Memory technology, analyses are increasingly taking place directly in ERP.

Come to our event and find out how well prepared PBS is reacting to current requirements and which objectives and plans PBS will be pursuing in the future.  

We look forward to your visit and interesting talks - of course, the best in refreshments will be provided!