From Nearline Storage to Nearline Storage: Data Transfer with the CBW Data Transfer Cockpit

Archiving data in SAP Business Warehouse is a well-approved method to keep the primary database lean, the query runtime short and the costs as low as possible. For this, you need a data archiving process (DAP) that is used to transfer BW data to classical SAP archive files, to a nearline storage or to both targets.

Harmonizing NLS Landscapes

All types of data archiving processes mentioned above might exist in large and heterogeneous system landscapes. Even different nearline databases might be connected to BW at the same time. Thus, harmonization of the NLS landscape becomes more and more important and a reasonable goal is to transfer all archived data to a single nearline storage, independent of the definition of the data archiving process (DAP).

PBS has now developed the appropriate tool to perform such a harmonization as a new component in the nearline storage solution CBW NLS: the NLS Data Transfer Cockpit.

The NLS Data Transfer Cockpit provides all functions that are needed to transfer data from one nearline storage to another. All data that was archived via a data archiving process can be transferred to another nearline storage, for example from SAP archive files to a column-based nearline database, or from one nearline database to another nearline database. It is irrelevant whether such NLS database is connected to SAP BW with the PBS interface or using SAP DBConnect. Data is transferred for each request of a respective data archiving process. Mass processing is possible.

PBS CBW for SAP NLS: Full Speed Ahead!

Data transfer with the CBW NLS Data Transfer Cockpit is a helpful instrument to prepare a non-Unicode BW using the SAP NLS solution. To simplify the Unicode conversion of an SAP BW, data archiving reduces the volume of the primary database significantly. The subsequent Unicode conversion and potential migration to BW on HANA can be realized faster and with less cost. With the PBS NLS Data Transfer Cockpit, the archived data is written to SAP IQ in such a way that it can directly be used for reporting in SAP NLS.

The PBS add-on CBW for SAP NLS supplements the SAP NLS standard solution with various functions that have already proven themselves in numerous productive PBS customer systems. These functions include, for example, options to speed query runtimes, ingenious NLS monitoring directly in SAP BW, PSA data archiving as well as support of data extractions within the scope of audits. Well-proven utilities support the preparation of nearline projects and their maintenance. Using PBS CBW for SAP NLS and SAP NLS at the same time, you achieve the maximum scope of functions for nearline processes.