Efficient Document Retrieval using the PBS ContentReader

You have archived your documents in a storage system and want to retrieve all original invoices of a specific payer? You have to prove the delivery of a specific material and search for original delivery notes for this material in your storage system?

An efficient SAP document retrieval can easily be implemented using the PBS ContentReader. Indices for the document retrieval are generated based on the linked SAP data. These indices are a key to find the documents in the storage system. PBS ContentReader is part of the software delivery of PBS ContentLink and PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS) as a stand-alone component.

New: Dynamic Selections during the Index Generation

Selection screen for the index generation stating additional dynamic selections

Process the index design according to your personal requirements. Then start the index generation. When doing this, you can restrict the scope of indices not only according to the document type and class, but rather you are able to apply dynamic selections for all fields of the header table in the index. Thus, you can create structure and scope of indices precisely designed on your needs.

Display of Original Documents and SAP Documents

Display of all documents from archive and database with linked original documents and the option to drill down to the document display.

During the actual document research the focus is on the linked documents themselves. Thus, you can directly branch from the result list to the display of original documents. In practice, it has been found that an additional drilldown to the respective SAP record is often useful. We provide this function in the current PBS ContentReader version for financial accounting documents, material documents, orders, billing documents, delivery notes, and purchase orders.

New: Local Document Storage

The original documents for the selected billing documents are read from the storage system and locally saved directly in the target directory C:\Temp.

Today, we are proud to present you the function of the local document storage as another new development. With this feature, you can provide documents from the Content Repository into a local directory at the push of a button and, for example, provide them to other users. When retiring an SAP system, you can export all documents stored in the Content Repository to ensure SAP system-independent access also for unstructured data.