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New Extraction Objects in PBS CONEX for Personnel Data

The retirement of SAP ERP systems that are no longer actively used is an important topic among other things in the context of a switch to S/4HANA. For legal reasons (e.g. tax audits), the data of the system to be retired must continue to be available for queries and evaluation purposes. In order to better fulfill this requirement, we have enhanced the functional scope of CONEX and developed new extraction objects for personnel data.

Data Extraction for Further Processing

Relevant data can be extracted from the system to be retired with the help of the software solution CONEX.

Once CONEX has been implemented in the SAP system, the whole extraction process can be controlled via a central transaction. The objects for Human Resources (HR) are new in the list of available extraction objects. In this context, it is recommended to always create a separate extraction profile for the extraction of HR data.

All extracted data can be displayed for audit purposes with the tax audit software IDEA, or analyzed in detail with PBS Enterprise Content Store.

Strict dependency to SAP archiving objects ensures correct reproduction

Extraction is performed as with all CONEX objects depending on SAP archiving objects. In this way, it is ensured that the technical structure of data that belongs together is reproduced correctly.

The data is not extracted by object – meaning not in logical hierarchies (e.g. header/item data) – but by table. A file is written per extracted table, whereby the table name is integrated in the file names. The check routines are waived contrary to regular archiving so that all data including the open line items can be extracted.

As with other extraction objects, customizing data is also extracted for Human Resources. The tables that are required for the evaluation are already included in the CONEX template. Further tables can of course be added to this table pool.

Clear Overall Log

Each extraction run of the HR data is logged precisely. The results of the extraction process are displayed clearly in the overall log.

This enables selection criteria and results of individual extraction runs to be easily compared with one another and checked.

CONEX writes HR metadata for the validation in the receiving system. In addition to the definition of the extraction profile, file lists with the physical file names and the information about the code page, number of entries per extraction table, and the data columns per table are generated.

Further Processing, Filtering and Display

The extracted HR data can be imported for further processing, filtering, and display in PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS). The metadata provided by CONEX is used here for control and validation purposes.

PBS Enterprise Content Store enables evaluations without access to an SAP system in this way. It provides a number of ready-made HR views that are preconfigured depending on existing SAP transactions.

The view “Travel Data” provides the data that the corresponding SAP transaction S_AHR_61016402 in the ERP system would also provide.

Another example for payroll accounting is the view “Wage Type Reporter”, comparable to the SAP transaction PC00_M99_CWTR_NO_OC. For this, tables from different HR areas (personal master, payroll and customizing data) are linked together based on the dependencies of the corresponding SAP program.

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