Every journey begins with a first step

What does your roadmap for migration to S/4HANA look like?

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Of course, you cannot predict in detail today how the future active operation of your ERP on S/4HANA will look like.

But there is good news from our development department:

Our experts have already adapted the most important PBS archive add ons to S/4HANA.

With their use, archive data that was generated in older ERP release versions can be analyzed in S/4HANA, and the processing of S4/HANA archive data is equally possible.

In this way, an intermediate step on the path for migration to SAP S/4HANA is prepared for you: through the cost-cutting use of PBS archive add ons for data archiving you minimize your SAP database and, in this way, simplify the migration process.

After switching to S/4 you also save costs because growth of the HANA database is minimized by the archiving functionality.

The PBS add ons for S/4HANA are currently being rigorously tested at an international customer.