PBS ContentLink

PBS ContentLink is a lean and – at the same time – highly efficient interface for connecting SAP solutions and compliant storage systems. During storage, it enables archive data to be saved directly in an unchangeable format in the storage system. This means that the legal requirements regarding compliant data storage are fulfilled since data and documents can be made available at any time in their original format.
In addition to the already well-established SAP ArchiveLink interface, PBS ContentLink now also supports the SAP-specific WebDAV 3.0 protocol. During storage, the data is extended to include metadata that can also include retention and storage periods. Thus a future-proof implementation is possible using the ILM components Retention Manager and Retention Warehouse.
PBS ContentLink is not a Content Management system, yet it comprises numerous CMS functions and enables the implementation of an ILM-aware storage strategy when used in combination with SAP Document Management. Amongst other things, it provides a transparent insight into the document status and enables a centralized data administration in the SAP Document Management System. For many SAP customers the use of PBS ContentLink represents an inexpensive alternative to a classical CMS system.


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