Archiving Sessions Cockpit

Data archiving is the only possibility to reduce the size of your SAP database and to curb the growth in its data volume. In the course of time, a regularly scheduled archiving run becomes imperative. Tasks such as the creation of variants, the administration and post-processing of jobs and corrections must be performed on a rotational basis. This involves a considerable amount of effort since the runs that are necessary for an archiving run always comprise a write phase and several deletion runs. Depending on the archiving object, an archiving run can additionally include a predecessor or successor process or storage in a content server. Above all, customer-specific predecessor and successor processes, the deletion of old SAP AS data, backup of ADK files, deletion, creation, activation, and conversion into PBS indices, if PBS archive add ons are used. The Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) automates this complete archiving process. It was developed in order to meet the main challenges of an archiving job and to relieve you from work steps that are continuously repeated. Thanks to ASC, SAP customers can archive several terabytes of their data each year without considerable extra effort. In this way, you retain the performance of your system, save time and resources, and not least disk space and therefore ultimately money. When using PBS archive add ons you do not, however, have to do without seamless and fast access to the complete data stock.

Automated Archiving

The Archiving Sessions Cockpit was developed by TJC, a French consulting company and PBS sales partner. TJC is a designated SAP archiving expert and has rolled into its product its many years' consulting experience. To enable German customers to also benefit from the advantages of reliable, automated SAP archiving, PBS now also markets the Archiving Sessions Cockpit as a reseller in Germany and provides the usual First Level Support to its contractual customers.