Authorization Checks

Data analyses are a part of daily business. They can be performed easily in SAP systems using transaction SE16 - however, without an authorization check. PBS closes this security gap with SE16_PERSONAL, which ensures controlled access to SAP tables. Access rights for individual users or user groups can be configured using the Data Browser.

The authorization concept enables user-defined table views to be defined for widely varying requirements. The access rights can be broken right down with regard to table type and content to the level of individual fields. A time-based authorization check of posting document, change date or machine date is also supported. The administrator can decide whether the table access should be performed on the current set of data, or on a previously defined set of data (snapshot).

Controlled Reporting

The PBS tool, which has meanwhile been enhanced from a functional perspective, now also supports configurable reporting with the corresponding transaction SA38_PERSONAL. It can be used to assign SAP users individually to all standard programs and customer reports that are relevant for them. These can then be executed online or as a batch job in the background. The selections that a user is allowed to use are maintained in the user master. Both PBS transactions are now combined in one product.

You can get an impression in our demo.