Data Validation

Archive data is considered to be the foundation of compliant business data management. However, on the one hand even pitfalls lurk during archiving and on the other hand new data protection policies and audit requirements can necessitate the adaption of already-archived data. PBS Software provides you practice-oriented, user-friendly tools that fulfill the diverse requirements of SAP data archiving.

Display and Correction of Duplicates

Application data that has been archived multiple times is very difficult to determine and correct using standard SAP tools. However, data that is distributed multiple times in archive files has a negative influence on subsequent processes. Data analyses in classical reporting, in the archive information system, or also in queries produce incorrect analysis results. This danger is often underestimated, but affects all customers with SAP data archives.

With PBS Archive Data Review you can detect and correct inconsistencies in archived business data. In an analysis the data of the individual archiving objects is first validated and then checked for multiple archiving. The results analysis is performed online and also provides you with a detailed view at document level in addition to a numerical representation per archive file.

An indispensable tool for requirements related to Unicode settings and system consistency.

Encryption of SAP Archive Data

Companies are more and more frequently obliged to meet new legal requirements or an industry-specific "Code of Conduct" that necessitate a modification of the information that is stored in the SAP system about customers, vendors, and employees. However, archived application data cannot be changed using SAP standard tools. The PBS Archive Data Conversion Tool helps you to adapt specifically field contents in archived data. The various conversion tasks can be configured centrally and validated by the specialist departments. The documentation of the changes is performed directly in the archiving object and always remains transparent.