PBS archive add on CML

The PBS archive add on CML enhances the SAP application component material ledger. As standard, the inventory values are only updated in company code currency for materials that are managed in the SAP system. Using the material ledger component, you can manage the material stock values in two other currencies/valuations. This is implemented by updating all goods movements in 3 currencies/valuations in the material ledger. The translation to foreign currency amounts is carried out using historical exchange rates at the time of the respective posting. The material ledger thus allows the material stocks to be shown in a hard currency (for example in American dollars), in particular for companies in countries with high inflation. With this software, the influence of inflation on the material stock values is made transparent.

Using the PBS archive add on CML you can display and evaluate archived material ledger documents together with SAP database data. You can also store vary large amounts of data. Data is displayed in exactly the same way as in the usual SAP screens.
Archiving object ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
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Archiving object S/4HANA 1610
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