PBS archive add on CPCA

Profit Center Accounting is fully integrated in the operative transaction systems of accounting and logistics in the SAP system. All objects of logistics (material, production order, etc.) and those of controlling (cost center, order, project, etc.) are assigned to profit centers. Determination and updating of profit center data is carried out completely automatically on the basis of the posted business processes.

Using the PBS archive add on CPCA you can access archived profit center accounting data within the day-to-day business. The data is displayed in the same standard screens as for the SAP standard transactions and reports. You access archive and SAP database data together. In doing so, you are also able to store very large volumes of data.


PBS archive add on CPCA and NAI – What a powerful team!

Profit center accounting in SAP provides valuable controlling data on the internal responsibilities of a company. A quick and easy analysis of this...



Easy Sorting of Archive Indices

New Development in PBS archive add on CPCA


Archiving object ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
EC_PCA_ITM Verfügbar mit NAI Verfügbar mit NAI
PCA_OBJECT Verfügbar mit NAI
Archiving object S/4HANA 1610
EC_PCA_ITM In Entwicklung
PCA_OBJECT In Entwicklung

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
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