PBS archive add on CPCP

The SAP product costing (SAP PCP) is a tool for cost reduction and price formation. It is used to define the production and self costs per product unit and is realized automatically on the basis of data from the production planning (BOM and routing or master recipe).
A product costing can be created for the material that is listed in the sales order item or for the order BOM. The material in the order BOM can be a material with a completed BOM (non-configurable material), a configurable material or a material with an open BOM (configurable material) whose characteristic values were defined in the sales order item.

You can also access archived product costing data using the PBS archive add on CPCP. The data is displayed in the same standard screens as for the SAP standard transactions and reports. Archive data is displayed together with the database data. You can also store very large data volumes.

Archiving object ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
CO_COPC Verfügbar Verfügbar
Archiving object S/4HANA 1610
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  Available (with NAI Functionality)
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