PBS archive add on CUSTOM

The PBS archive add on CUSTOM is a software solution for the archiving, indexing, and display of database tables from customer-specific applications (Z tables) in SAP systems.
You can use it to create archiving objects in exactly the same way as in standard SAP data archiving and to generate the required access routines. Archiving objects with the required write, delete, and read programs are generated for the customer-specific tables to be archived. You can use it to delete the data to be archived from these Z tables and store it in a compressed format in archive files. You have the option to store the archive files either in the file system or in an external storage system.
Archiving object BW 7.0 BW 7.3 BW 7.4 BW 7.5
Customer-specific AOBJ Verfügbar Verfügbar Verfügbar Verfügbar
Archiving object IS 6.0
Customer-specific AOBJ Verfügbar
Archiving object ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
Customer-specific AOBJ Verfügbar mit NAI Verfügbar mit NAI
Archiving object S/4HANA 1610
Customer-specific AOBJ Verfügbar

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
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