PBS archive add ons for SAP ERP

Access database and archived data in an integrated manner even after you have performed data archiving using your regular transactions, reports or queries. Your archiving solution is only really complete with PBS archive add ons that can be seamlessly integrated with your SAP system. They are set up identically to the SAP modules and can be installed really easily. Our products are SAP certified.

Even better performance thanks to column-oriented database technology

Column-oriented database technology has meanwhile also long since found its place within the PBS development. Column-oriented relational databases store data in columns as opposed to the widely-used line-oriented databases. Particularly in data stocks with very many different attributes per entity, this technology offers on the one hand high-performance accesses thanks to high compression rates and, on the other hand, each column itself contains an index and in this way enables fast filtering/sorting of the data.

PBS customers that have to manage extremely large volumes of data in the double-digit  terabyte range, can "tune" their add-ons using PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI) in order to further accelerate both index generation as well as access times and, at the same time, to noticeably reduce the load on their SAP databases.

Similarly, PBS NAI is also suitable for SAP users that comply with the archiving standard using the SAP Archive Information System. It can be extended with PBS NAI-AS so that these SAP users are also able to fully benefit from the advantages of column-oriented technology during data archiving.