PBS archive add on CISU

Information management of mass data presents a particular challenge for companies from the utilities industry. As a rule, they have multiple business relationships with their customers and have to store several contracts per customer in the system.
In SAP IS-U Billing, Invoicing, and in Contract Accounts, huge volumes of billing-related documents are generated. Archiving of the data is therefore unavoidable in the course of time in order to reduce the load on the system. However, after archiving has taken place, the available data is restricted when using the usual SAP transactions.
By using the PBS archive add on CISU you can access the archived data quickly and easily during your daily work, even after data archiving has taken place. Because the PBS archive add ons are analog to the SAP standard transactions, you navigate in the familiar program menus. The original SAP transactions are of course still available to you. The PBS archive add on CISU enables you to have integrated and comprehensive access to all archived and non-archived information.


PBS archive add on CISU for IS-U/CCS supports SAP IDEX for Germany

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PBS archive add on CISU supports SAP IDEX for energy companies in the future

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Archiving object IS 6.0 IS 6.17
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ISU_BBP Verfügbar Verfügbar
ISU_BCONT Verfügbar Verfügbar
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ISU_FACTS Verfügbar Verfügbar
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