DART- and Document-based System Decommissioning

Keep your old SAP data available using PBS Enterprise Content Store. In case of audits, system shutdowns or enterprise restructuring you can still access your structured and unstructured data in decommissioned SAP systems.

PBS ECS is a client/server-based software that can be used to manage and evaluate DART files, PBS data extracts, print lists and original documents from complex SAP applications.

Application Scenarios

The basic functions include data extraction, SAP-independent data access, and comfortable search options. To what extent these functions are actually put to use depends on how PBS ECS is to be used. Three basic application possibilities help make this more clear:

  • Centralized Data Management for external Data Access
  • Efficient Decommissioning of SAP Systems
  • Pass on Company Data

These application scenarios allow for a wide variety of customer-specific modifications and different versions.

This inexpensive solution is also suitable for small and medium companies.