CBW Nearline Storage DB2 is a complete nearline solution including OEM license for the IBM DB2 database with BLU Acceleration. The solution can be used together with all common SAP BW primary databases such as, for example, Oracle, HANA, DB2, and MS SQL. It reduces the database size of the BW primary database by removing the data, compressed in column-organized tables, into the DB2 BLU.
The established DB2 together with the enhancements of BLU Acceleration combines the stability of a fully developed, traditional database management system with innovative column-oriented technology for the efficient storage and fast processing of analysis data. The advantages of this PBS nearline solution can be found in the high degree of data compression, fast queries due to column- oriented data retention, as well as runtime optimization, the generation of master data and hierarchy snapshots, and – last but not least – in the comprehensive monitoring of the nearline database and of the database interface via the SAP BW system. In addition, the solution also includes ADK-based services for the archiving of BW data.
CBW NLS DB2 is characterized by a low administrative effort. The reduction in the size of the primary database reduces the operating costs in the long term. Furthermore, it facilitates a potential migration to SAP HANA because it reduces the costs for hardware and software licenses. This effect is multiplied if mirror systems are being used.


Achieve faster results in SAP BW with snapshots thanks to query analysis

The generation of snapshots is an effective method for reducing the response time of queries with access to nearline data. To this end, copies of...


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