Faster Queries in SAP NetWeaver BW solutions

PBS offers certified nearline storage solutions for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

In the case of very large volumes of data it is worthwhile using the PBS nearline solutions with column-oriented database technology. When doing this, you can use either SAP IQ,  Vector by Actian or IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration as the analytics server. The columnar database technology enables an even greater degree of data compression and significantly more speed in reporting than is possible without a separate database in the ADK version. Nevertheless, use of the ADK version is sufficient in the given circumstances. Contact us - our experts would be happy to advise you!

You can determine your database growth using the BW Database Analyzer before you perform SAP NetWeaver BW archiving.

CBW NLS - Extension to the SAP Nearline Standard

New in the portfolio is an extension to SAP’s own nearline solution for SAP NetWeaver BW with SAP IQ. The PBS solution supplements the new SAP nearline solution with numerous functions that have already proved themselves in previous productive customer installations. These functions include, for example, options for significantly shortening query runtimes, ingenious nearline monitoring that increases efficiency, support of data provision on storage media within the scope of audits, as well as the archiving of PSA data. Additionally included is the complete ADK-based functionality, that enables nearline archiving to be performed even without a nearline database. The previous purely ADK-based solution CBW NLS ADK has been merged completely with the new solution. This means that customers that already have a CBW NLS ADK license receive the new additional, IQ-based functions within the scope of a software update for no extra cost.

Optimize your BW applications

In combination with a column-oriented analytics server or classic ADK technology, PBS nearline storage solutions allow for faster queries without a separate server. Regardless of the solution you choose, PBS solutions can help you to optimize your system performance.