PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI)


  • High data compression - up to 90 percent and more

  • Shorter response times in database queries

  • Extremely fast indexing of SAP data archives

  • Substantial savings


Up to now there have been hardly any options for using the advantages of column-based technology in ERP environments. PBS has now developed the Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI) for SAP ERP and other operative OLTP systems on the basis of our long experience with nearline solutions for SAP NetWeaver BW. Completely new possibilities thus exist for processing growing data volumes in very large SAP systems.

The NAI architecture is based on a middleware that is used to link the column-based system to SAP and controls it. This is realized by the components NAI interface and NAI monitor. For example application data from a database or archive can be transferred to the nearline system using NAI replication. This data can then be evaluated very quickly and on a column basis with NAI queries. The generic evaluation of operative tables that are transmitted to the nearline system via NAI replication opens up completely new capabilities. Our How To P&L with PBS NAI provides an example in the field of profit and loss statements.


The deployment of already-used PBS archive add ons can be optimized with PBS NAI for very large datasets. Thus it can be used to considerably accelerate archive access to hundreds of millions of documents from SAP business processes. Another focal point is the usage of PBS NAI in a system environment with different SAP instanc


The cost effectiveness can also be increased through the simultaneous use of a column-oriented analytics server with PBS NAI for SAP ERP and PBS nearline storage for SAP NetWeaver BW one central instance of the analytics server of different ERP or BW systems can be used.