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CBW NLS Vector

High Data Compression and fast Response Times

In addition to the column-based analytics server SAP IQ, PBS Software now also integrates the equally column-oriented database Vectorwise by Actian (formerly Ingres) in its nearline storage solution portfolio for SAP NetWeaver BW. Vectorwise, which was especially developed for Data Warehouse requirements such as reporting and data analyses, drastically accelerates the database queries in comparison to traditional databases thanks to its column orientation and hardware-dependent programming. It is operated on standard hardware with Intel processors. This keeps the operating costs low.

High Data Compression and fast Response Times

The database size of the BW primary database can be reduced with PBS CBW NLS Vectorwise by transferring less frequently used data into Vectorwise that is used as the nearline database. “Cold” information that is only accessed seldom or never can also be transferred from the NLS database into a data archive (ADK). The data from Vectorwise and archive is stored in a highly compressed format (up to 90%). The combination of both processes enables Information Lifecycle Management with low operating costs.

A special feature of the Vectorwise database is the vector processing of the data during analyses. This enables very fast query response times to be achieved with comparatively low-cost standard hardware.

Minimal Administration

The PBS nearline storage solution on Vectorwise is characterized by low administration effort for customizing and maintenance. Monitoring and the most important administrative functions are performed via the CBW Monitor that was implemented directly in the SAP BW system. In addition to the nearline database it also monitors further components of the nearline system. In this way, efficient maintenance operation is guaranteed. The SAP BW administrators are usually responsible for the monitoring.

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