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PBS Operational Analytics for ERP

Consistently increase the Corporate Success

You want to transform your enterprise data faster and more flexibly into meaningful information and thereby increase the competitiveness and success of your enterprise with the help of sophisticated planning and analysis processes?

PBS Operational Analytics was specifically developed to cover these scenarios:

With the new PBS solution Operational Analytics for ERP (OA4ERP) these requirements are directly accomplished in an SAP ERP environment. Even non-SAP data, which is gaining importance, can easily be integrated with OA4ERP.
You can run the solution in a classical ERP or in an S/4HANA application. Depending on your needs, data can be analyzed directly from an SAP ERP or via one of the premium Business Intelligence tools, which are an integral part of the solution. OA4ERP processes operational data from SAP ERP (database + archive) or any data from external sources. Data is stored in the OA4ERP database, providing an extremely fast response time for the analysis processes. No load is created on the SAP database. OA4ERP can be combined with any SAP ERP version (Business Suite or S/4HANA) and SAP database (anyDB or HANA).

Bundled Experience for the ideal Solution

To provide the best out of various IT products, LIS.TEC GmbH, RSM Consult GmbH and PBS Software GmbH decided to jointly develop this smart, market-driven, and affordable SAP add-on solution OA4ERP. The partners also offer consultancy support for implementation, training, and customer-specific enhancements.


  • Smart analyses for SAP and non-SAP data

  • Analysis templates for reporting, planning, and forecast scenarios

  • Different frontends (SAP GUI, browser, mobile, etc. )

  • Direct use of operational data structures for analysis needs

  • Extremely fast response times due to column-oriented database and in-memory technology

  • Large cost savings due to clever data management

  • Support for migration to SAP S/4HANA

  • Improved compliance and data governance

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You can contact us Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

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