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PBS Conspecta, the Preparation Package for S/4HANA

Rent now for your planning phase!

Plan the migration to S/4HANA with PBS Conspecta based on reliable data analysis! Accurate key figures about the volume of your SAP database and the usage behavior of users simplify and facilitate the path to S/4HANA. With Conspecta, the Preparation Package for S/4HANA, we offer you a valuable solution for this on a rental basis.

This means that your expenses can be planned and are manageable. With Conspecta, you gain a precise overview of the data distribution within your system. Use the Database Analyzer PLUS included in Conspecta to determine the periodic growth of your database as a solid basis for migration planning. In addition, you can use Database Analyzer PLUS to identify the archiving objects for which data archiving in your system is worthwhile.

It is precisely this point that is of central importance for the switch to S/4HANA: Data archiving will make your SAP database leaner. As a result, you can dimension your S/4HANA system smaller and save valuable runtime during system conversion. All ADK files created by archiving are migration-free. This ensures that access to this data works across all release upgrades.

Another component of Conspecta the Data Access Monitor. The Data Access Monitor logs the use of your SAP system by users. You receive valuable information about which tables are repeatedly queried or which transactions are called up particularly often, as well as about access to archive files. You can collect this information and evaluate it statistically. User-related data is protected by an authorization object and is displayed in encrypted form. These statistical evaluations show which transactions or custom developments are used often or hardly at all. In this way, you can assess whether they are relevant in S/4HANA.

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